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Commision me Yo!
£8  for a rough sketch
£15 for a tidy sketch
£15 for a coloured and shaded bust
£20 for a flatcolour
£25 for shaded
£30 for flatcolour with background
£35 for shaded with background

I do not take points I am afraid.

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Come keep me company :3
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And yet another for the lovely Prezid of her Character Eion!

Meet The Artist
I may have decided to jump on the bandwagon...

pretty self explanatory.


Come keep me company :3
  • Listening to: Can't take me (Brian Adams)
  • Watching: House.
  • Playing: Saints Row IV
  • Eating: Monster Munch
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Miss mouse!
A little sketch of humanised Newtera, still working out her design but this is basically what I'm aiming for.

I wanna be a man, man cub!
I felt like humanising all of my TSS characters, planning on doing mini comics with them to explore their lives in a modern world and more human setting, possible gonna humanise the dragons also but not entirely sure.

In the meantime​ however, here's Jacken, Newtera, Tobias, Adross and Jacken' son's Maurik and Regem.

Lur // Zayntheth // Owsla


NAME; Lur.
AGE; One Year.
GENDER; Female
SEASON OF BIRTH; Early Summer.
BREED; Flemish Giant + Checkered Giant + French Angora.


APPEARANCE; Lur is what could only be described as a giant. Bred on an Ithé Farm for the purpose of producing meat she is from a long line of large rabbits bred specifically for bulk. Weighing in at 14 lbs its safe to say Lur was not built for speed but for brute strength, she carries a dark pelt with a raised crop of hair over her back that takes on a lighter colour than her main body. With long ears tipped with a dark brown and eyes that resemble elder leaf it is plain to see she is not of natural wild rabbits but one of Ithé's design.


Give a number out of 100: 

• HEARING 50/100
• SWIMMING 30/100
• RUNNING 40/100
• FIGHTING 95/100
• HIDING 20/100 (due to size)


BIRTH WARREN; Born on a human farm.
RANK; Owlsa


  • Brutish
  • Coarse
  • Domineering
  • Strict 
  • Strange

Bullet; Yellow NEUTRAL TRAITS 
  • Calm
  • Adaptable 
  • Reserved
  • Authoritarian 
  • Determined
  • Irreligious

  • Articulate
  • Capable
  • Courageous 
  • Dutiful
  • Hard working
  • Resourceful
  • Observant 


  • Sparring/Fighting
  • Throwing her weight around.
  • Sunshine
  • Burdock
  • Wild garlic
  • Stories
  • Summer
  • Those who follow orders 
  • Clever rabbits
  • Stupid rabbits.
  • Those who don't follow orders
  • Homba's
  • Ithé (man)
  • Dandilions
  • Her size
Personality Type: The Executive.…


PARENTS; Dam: D.503 (Moth) NPC Sire: L.957 (Silver) NPC

AND a history of your character, broken up into these categories 

  Lur was born among a labyrinth of innumerable wire hutches. Rows upon rows of rabbits stacked atop one another in an organised fashion. She was but one of nine kits born into this cold metallic world from a mother who did not care for them. By the time she could open her eyes and move on her own she had learnt that there was little to offer in life, crammed in a cage with her siblings and aged mother, sucking on stale water and musty man made pellets that tasted as bland as her life seemed.
At four months her and her sisters were moved to another cage, her mother didn't complain or fight for them, for this was her life and it was how it had always been. For Lur it was inconceivable, she was disturbed by her mothers passivity and vowed never to become like she.  

  As she grew Lur became more distant from her mindless, docile siblings. They sat around getting fat and dopey just as their mother had done and held little to no interest in what lay beyond their wire walls, even as far as distain for their inquisitive sister and her desire to leave. But she was intent on escaping and finding what was out there, she could smell what lay beyond the corrugated iron doors but never had she seen, the men would occasionally bring them fresh food of green but that was few and far between. Lur was persistent in her want for freedom and often tried to flee when the men came to measure or feed them but to no avail. She took to gnawing the metal bars of her prison as a way to vent her frustration, for the lack of space with five other doe's cooped up in their tiny space left little room to exert oneself. But finally after watching and waiting and biding her time the day came.
A man lifted the iron bars on top of the hutch in a careless manner obviously used to the placid dumb creatures that huddled together waiting patiently for more musty food pellets. Lur glanced out to see a sharp shaft of light that burst from the open main door, her eyes opened with wonder and excitement began to build in her chest. He left the roof open while he scooped food into the troff in front of them completely disregarding Lur as she looked longing at the dazzling light, she shook herself and coiled her muscles tight while the man was distracted and sprang for the opening. She felt a rush of air as she fell through the air then suddenly there was solid ground beneath her, it the cold hard concrete of the barn floor. The man shrieked and shouted, scurrying after her to return her to her prison, but Lur was faster and bolted toward the door feeling her muscles moving freely for the first time in her life, she dove between the silted cabinets of caged rabbits to avoid a net that was flung her way, she dodged, zigzagging lit the light was mere inches from her then with a blast of fresh air and shock of light she was out. The light was blinding and caused her to tumble to a stop, it was so dazzling that she forgot herself and quickly was seized by a pair of rough strong hands, she struggled to free herself and bit into the soft flesh and she fell with a thud to the grassy floor. She didn't stop running till the sun began to set and she was deep in fields far from the prison of her birth, she was out. She was free.  

  Now free of the prison of the meat farm Lur found herself in a strange and alien world, full of green and light, she wandered aimlessly for miles, mystified by the scenery before her and the strange smells and sounds that flooded her nose and ears. She was out and she could scarcely believe it, but she was naive of the dangers that now surrounded her for there had been none in the wire cages. It soon grew to late evening and the light began to fall, unfazed and brave she continued on into the night, unaware of the danger that followed her with fiery green eyes and blazing red fur. Before long she came to the bank of a fast moving river, she'd never seen such water and the sound and sight of it caused her to stop in her tracks, it was a few minutes later that a snap of a twig behind her drew her attention away from the water and there crouched low to the ground was the fiery beast, feeling no fear for this new creature Lur rose to her haunches and stamped her foot in indignation at its intrusion, the beast spat a haunting cry and lunged, Lur had never felt this feeling even as the men had grabbed at her, it made her heart beat fast and loud in her ears, the beast pinned her swiftly to the ground with its sharp paws and prepared to give the killing blow. But Lur was not done yet, she had come too far to be eaten by this beast of red fur and struck out hard with her strong back legs, hitting the beast in the jaw and scraping its neck her her claws. It stopped briefly at the stunning blow and that was all that Lur needed, she used the second of a distraction to run for the moving water and jumped.

She didn't know how but somehow she managed to survive. She awoke to find herself caught in the reeds above fast moving rapids, her head was foggy and she ached all over but managed to struggle her way up the bank. It was early morning and the sun was just rising over what appeared to be a vast grassland, a hill rose up a little ways off and to her surprise she could smell the familiar scent of rabbits, not those lazy careless lumps of flesh from her birthplace but real, wild, natural rabbits. With steady but slow hops she made her way more cautiously now toward the scent, toward what she hoped to be her new home. 


VOICE;  Alissa White - Gluz


  • Fearless verging on oblivious (due to being brought up in captivity)
  • lack of knowledge for how the lapine language works.
  • bad habit of biting her claws to the point they are sharp.
  • paces when she gets over emotional.
  • Grinds her teeth when angry.


Damp dark and slimy were the trees the lined the edges of the rugged road.
Rain fell hard onto the slippery Branches of forest sending spray up against his sodden clothes. Gracefully tittering on a damp branch crouched a soaked figure gazing out over the lonely path, acid orbs squinted in the low light.
Catching a glimpse of movement he lent back against the trunk of the tree, metal guarded gloves clutching his blow-dart and needle tipped with poison from his dragon Varadgrim hidden beneath his greatcoat. A cart approached from the left of the road a drenched mountain elf at the rains, he rode alone his cart filled with precious and stolen objects, this was his target and unknown to the wood elf he was soon to be laying helplessly on the roadside. 
Slowly Jacken brought the blow-dart to his lips, he loaded the poison tipped needle and with a sharp and silent breath the deadly fleck of metal met with the wood elf's neck. startled he fell to the side spooking his horse, he tried to take control of the reins but found his movements lagging and his sense of depth perception failing, he felt a sudden spin take over his head as he fell from the cart, his head collided with the hard dirt life faded from his eyes.

Convinced his target had been eliminated he had dropped from his hiding place greatcoat flaring as he strode toward the cart, he gave the horse a reassuring rub on the nose to calm it before walking over to the dead wood elf that lay limply in the dirt. Jacken knelt down grabbing the body by the arm and leg, he swung it over his shoulders then opening the cart door he flung the tyrannous corpse into the pile of his own stolen loot.

With a grin from under the hood of his greatcoat jacken signaled to Varadgrim who lay silently camouflaged at the base of a nearby tree, the six legged dragon slunk from the brush to pull up along side the cart. Jacken took up the reins of the cart with varadgrim taking guard at the back of the cart, they rode back the way the target had come, "I can see a hefty reward for this one Varad, we are gonna eat well for the next couple of months" varadgrim gave a happy yet sly tinted grin as they trudged in the rain to collect their much deserved reward. 

Taken from a previous roleplay sheet on mine.…

Hey all.

I am thinking of putting up some emergency commssions possibly three full coloured, shaded busts for $20 each. I've been having some financial troubles as of late and need the cash for friday as thats my deadline.

here are some examples of what you'd be receiving.


  Shining like the sun. by LeseviusVenom

Broken and bloody. by LeseviusVenom

Have you met my dragon? by LeseviusVenom


Acidic Smile by LeseviusVenom

Beautifully Battered Bastards by LeseviusVenom
Anyone interested or would be willing to spread the word would be greatly apreciated! :u:

Thank you.

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So after much debating I have come to the decision that I will be pulling all of my current characters from their rp group. I'm sorry if this inconveniences any plot or character relations but this is a decision I feel is right.
With job and saving for a flat I don't have enough time to devote to group.

On the upside I will still be using them in my artwork but most likely in a different setting, so you will still see them kicking about every now and then.

Thanks for the ride guys.

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I say Jump!
You say, how high!?

AAAaaaaannnnddd here it is! Finally!

This is my half of a trade with the lovely :icondinopharaoh: I'm so sorry it took so long! ; 3; and I hope you like it!

Notes from a father lost.
Why do I do this to my characters? ;3; poor little Adross.

Here I've depicted Adross reading pages from his Father's journal, His father was killed before he was born so Adross never had the chance to know him.

The pages tell of his final days and how ecstatic and excited he is to know he and Newtera were expecting a child and even though he may not be around to ever know the child how proud he is of him, the pages go on to speak directly to his future child (Adross)

'Hello little one, you may never get a chance to know me for I have a feeling this is where my life will come to an end, however you should know how proud I am of you and how much I adore you,
I'm sure you will grow to be an excellent Animen and no doubt a wonderful swordsman or woman if your mother has anything to say about it. you must take care of your mother, I know as you most likely do of how strong she is, but she does have weaknesses the same as all of us, cherish her as she cherishes you. At some point it may feel hard growing up without a father but I implore you to forgive me, if things had only turned out differently I might have been there with you now and you wouldn't be reading this. Please whatever happens know that I love you and always will be watching over you and Newtera.

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Anyone up for joining a livestream with me? I'll be redesigning Jacken on Sai!
Jacken Reboot
Redraw of my previous reboot image of my sloth boy, I've aged him slightly and thickened his body to make him look a little less emaciated than when he was when he first joined Shadar. I'll be adding his new getup later as i'm still fiddling about with its design, but until gaze upon his glory.

Ma Rava concept.
A little concept sketch of a character from an rp between me and :iconfaunafawn: She's one of Tobias' adopted mother's, or simply the head carer for the orphanage he was brought up in. She an extremely tough old Kyonin woman with a strict manner and firm hand, but is warm and caring toward the children under her care, she is often called upon if a child has extreme emotional scaring as she has an uncanny ability to release and help others come to terms with memories that trouble them. She tends to carry herself with a very powerful air about her and despite her age is very quick on her feet and sharp of mind.

Enjoy this sparky old lady.

Come keep me company :3
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  • Watching: House.
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